January 30, 2023


Joseph C. Risteen House

Joseph C. Risteen House

Following the completion of his sash and door factory which sits adjacent on the river side, local industrialist Joseph C. Risteen began work on this, his family home, located at 120 Smythe Street in Fredericton, which was completed in 1874. 

Joseph C. Risteen House

Nearly all the house’s materials including the doors, windows and siding were manufactured at the Risteen Sash and Door Factory, established in 1870 and moved to Queen Street in 1872.

Risteen Building
Risteen’s Sash and Door Factory on the corner of Smythe and Queen Street, ca. 1890’s
PANB P5-405 colourised

The factory supplied wood doors, windows and decorative woodwork for a great deal of the homes and public buildings in Fredericton.

With the exception of the side verandah additions, the house has carefully maintained its original features including the arch–top windows, curved fitting shutters, massive double doors, fascia trim and overall appearance. It has never left the Risteen family, and is presently owned by Joseph’s great–grandson.

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