Lord Beaverbrook Hotel

Lord Beaverbrook Hotel

The construction of the Lord Beaverbrook Hotel commenced in 1946, and its grand inauguration in mid-1948 was the highlight of New Brunswick’s social calendar. The event was graced by dignitaries from local, provincial, federal, and international governments, as well as influential figures, including Lord Beaverbrook (Sir Max Aitken) himself. Initially, the hotel comprised 200 rooms in the main tower and was owned by the New Brunswick government, with management under the Canadian Pacific Railroad from Montreal. This company also oversaw the operation of the Lord Elgin Hotel in Ottawa and the Lord Nelson Hotel in Halifax.


D.P. Keddy became the owner of the Lord Beaverbrook Hotel in 1971, at a point when its upkeep had been relatively overlooked. Through Mr. Keddy’s initiative, the hotel underwent significant renovations. The first major alteration was the consolidation of two rooms into one, decreasing the room count in the tower to 96. To compensate for the reduced room count in the main tower, he added the Annex (or the West Wing), introducing an additional 72 rooms. This brought the total room count, after the Annex’s (West Wing’s) construction, to 168.

The Aquilini Investment Group bought the Lord Beaverbrook Hotel from the Keddy family in 1999. In a significant rebranding move in 2006, the hotel became known as the Crowne Plaza Fredericton Lord Beaverbrook.


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