Marysville Cenotaph

Marysville Cenotaph

The Marysville Cenotaph, 190 Canada Street, is located in Veterans Memorial Park on the corner of Canada and Bridge streets. Overlooking the Nashwaak River, the site features two granite monuments and a six-pounder anti-tank gun on a landscaped lot.



The Marysville Cenotaph is recognized as a Local Historic Place due to its significance in memorializing local individuals who perished in the World Wars. The monument dedicated to the First World War, a light-hued granite obelisk, was established in 1925. In contrast, the less elaborate monument for the Second World War, made from dark granite, was erected in 1967. These monuments are situated within a small park, graced by a landscaped terrain and an assortment of mature trees.

Located in Veterans Memorial Park, a quaint leisure area along the old railway route, the cenotaph provides a tranquil oasis, set apart from the surrounding commercial zone for quiet reflection. In 1924, this land was generously donated to the former town of Marysville by Canadian Cottons, the corporate proprietors of the cotton mill which was the town’s primary industry. Since then, the town has been incorporated into the City of Fredericton. The site also features a six-pounder anti-tank gun, exhibiting a red-over-blue artillery tactical sign with a superimposed white number two. The cenotaph continues to serve as a memorial site and is the venue for annual Remembrance Day ceremonies.

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