McAdam, NB Railroad Station

McAdam, NB Train Station

McAdam, NB Railroad Station

New Brunswick’s early railroad history can be traced back to the McAdam NB Railroad Station, a National Historic Site and a New Brunswick Provincial Heritage Place. This heritage railway station is situated in McAdam, close to a United States border crossing.
McAdam, NB Train Station

Constructed in 1900, the McAdam NB Railroad Station is an impressive stone building from the turn of the century, reflecting the crucial role railroads played in Canada’s development as a nation. Ordered by Canadian Pacific Railway president Sir William Cornelius Van Horne, the chateau-style building once served over 15 passenger trains daily, transporting people to and from Atlantic Canada, the Eastern Seaboard States, and Western Canada.
McAdam Train Station

Knowledgeable guides will recount fascinating stories, such as the capture of a German spy just a few kilometers down the line, Sir Winston Churchill’s visit to McAdam, or the mysterious waiting room murder. Open for public viewing are a formal dining room, telegraph office, mail and baggage room, lunch counter, 17 hotel rooms, 2 waiting rooms, and a jail. An auxiliary car is also displayed in the Express Room. A man-made pond, created in 1900 for steam engines to draw water, is now a beautifully maintained walking trail.

The rail line remains operational today, with freight trains frequently passing through, as they did over a century ago. In its heyday, the McAdam Railway Station was internationally renowned for its delicious homemade pies served to travelers from around the world. Referred to as ‘railroad pie’ by literary enthusiasts, the tradition continues as the McAdam Railway Station offers Railway Pie on Sunday afternoons during the warm summer months.

The Station is operated and managed by the McAdam Historical Restoration Commission. It is an active museum offering tours, catered meals, conference facilities and much more.

The Station is also a Visitor Information Center.

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