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Did you buy a drone? You should read this article and the information on this page BEFORE you attempt to get your drone off the ground. It’s not a toy and failing to follow the rules can have serious consequences. 

Here are a couple of the videos we’ve produced with our Drone.  You can view more of them by visiting our YouTube Channel. Subscribe to our channel and receive notices from YouTube whenever we publish a new video.  

Know Before You fly Your Drone

There are government regulations for flying your Drone. 

Keep up to date by visiting the Transport Canada site.

We are registered and insured. Are you? 

Please fly responsibly! 

See more of our videos and subscribe to our YouTube Channel. 

Please read the information below if you purchased a drone or are considering the purchase of one. There ARE rules you MUST follow. Register your drone with Transport Canada and keep up-to-date with any changes. It’s important! 
NOTE: New rules are now in effect. Please click on the link to learn more. 
Drone Rules in Canada

Drone Insurance Guide

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