Neill Farm

Neill Farm Fredericton

Neill Farm

A Fredericton landmark family farm has been passed down for four generation. The Neill farm was purchased by John Neill in 1840 who came from Scotland. John worked at James S. Neill Hardware while his son A. Douglas ran the farm. 

John And Eileen (Lint) Neill
John And Eileen (Lint) Neill

John’s son A. Douglas ran the farm from the beginning until his son, A. Douglas took over. 

A. Douglas (Father) - A. Douglas (Son)
A. Douglas (Father) – A. Douglas (Son)

Until the 1940s, it was a mixed farming system that included raising livestock, and planting and harvesting crops. But for the last 50 years the farm has been mostly a dairy farm, recognized by Holstein Canada for producing some of the best Holsteins in the country. 

Sons Albert and Ron Neill have a long farming tradition in Atlantic Canada, with Albert being inducted into the Atlantic Agriculture Hall of Fame in 2007, and his father Douglas honoured in 1980. 

Albert and Ronald Neill
Albert and Ronald Neill

The Neill brothers learned from birth the art of being successful farmers from their parents. As partners, they took over the operation of the family farm when their father passed away in 1976. Ronald was responsible for the outside operations, while Albert was the herdsman. Albert Neill did the last milking on the farm in 2011 at the age of 80. 

Neill Farm Fredericton

A.Douglas and Ron have the distinction of winning two Master Breeder Shields from Holstein Canada. They also received the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce Distinguished Citizens Award in 2013. Ron passed away in 2016.

The fourth generation brothers decided the Neill farm will end with them.

The rural plot of land in the urban setting of Fredericton has turned visitors’ heads for decades.

The farm has been a field trip staple for city school groups and has provided seasonal work for young adults in the area.

The barns and the 177 year old farm house still remain, but the family has started to sell the land piece by piece,.

Neill Farm Fredericton

The farm is now located in South Devon, but at one time the area was called Gibson, and another time, simply Fredericton.

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  1. One of my Childhood memories I use to visit Ron and Albert at the farm. They were always were willing to talk to you didn’t matter how busy they were. One time my brother was there and one of them asked if your father would mind if you took a cow home to put in your back yard.

  2. Love the neill farm me and my husband did are wedding photo at tge farn ron and albert seemed so happy to let us do are pic there . then after we had are daughters they loved teaching them about the farm

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