January 20, 2022




The National Research Council Institute for Information Technology (NRC-IIT) with labs in three Canadian provinces led from Fredericton, undertakes research in three strategic directions of information and communications technology: Knowledge from Data; People-Oriented Systems; e-Business. 

NRC-IIT conducts scientific research, develops technology, creates knowledge and supports innovation. Through Information Technology R & D, they have a beneficial and profound impact on Canadian society.

In Fredericton, NRC-IIT – e-Business is situated on the campus of the University of New Brunswick (UNB). The Institute’s research areas include: 3D Imaging, Modeling and Visualization; Interactive Information; Knowledge Discovery; Natural Language Processing; Human Computer Interaction; Intelligent Internet Applications; and Learning & Collaborative Tehnologies.

Community stakeholders have played significant roles in shaping NRC-IIT-e-B’s entire research agenda. NRC-IIT outfitted five specialist research labs based on the core research agendas as established with community consultations.

It has built a solid industry outreach capacity. An entire floor of the Fredericton lab is devoted to an Industrial Partnership Facility, a business accelerator that offers companies state-of-the-art technical facilities and the chance to interact with NRC researchers.  


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