Odell Estate Cottages

This cottage, located at 758 George Street , was built in 1855 by William Odell on a pasture lot extending to Kings’ College (now the University of New Brunswick).

It was later the home of Hon. A. G. Blair Premier of New Brunswick (1883-1896).



The home is also known as Fiddlehead Cottage because of the fiddle head shapes in the carving on the porch.


785, 806 and 809/811 George Street all incorporate portions of pre-1844 Odell estate “cottages”.

Poet Bliss Carman is believed to have been born in a portion of 809, which was substantially renovated in the 1880’s by Hon. A.G. Blair, Premier of New Brunswick from 1883-1896. Blair utilized a rich palette of Picturesque Queen Anne Revival elements, particularly evident on the busily asymmetric, yet visually balanced George Street façade. 

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