Old Power House – Grand Manan

The Old Power House, located at 1071 Route 776 Grand Manan was the original structure of the Grand Manan Light and Power Company built in 1929.  Electricity was turned on for the first time on Christmas Eve of that year. The company was locally owned and operated. This diesel plant was turned off every night at 11 p.m. until 1938 when local residents petitioned the New Brunswick Power Commission for 24 hour power. The Commission responded by buying out the company. The plant was expanded and staff increased several times. 

Old Power Station Grand Manan 1929
Old Power Station Grand Manan 1929

There was a second plant (the Jet as it’s known to locals) built on Ingalls Head in the 1960’s and the Old Power Plant was shut down. 

The "Jet" NBPower Generator at Ingalls Head Grand Manan
The “Jet” NBPower Generator at Ingalls Head Grand Manan

In 1978, a submarine cable was laid providing Grand Manan with power. Now the only time the Ingalls Head power plant is turned on is when there is a power outage. 

In order to maintain a reliable feed to the Fundy Isles, NB Power installed new cables between Deer Island and Campobello Island and between Campobello Island and Grand Manan Island.

Submarine Cable preparation on Grand Manan

The existing cable between Deer Island and Campobello Island failed in July of 2019 while the preparation work to install the new cables was underway. This cable has been taken out of service.

Old Power Station Ingalls Head

The Old Power House was purchased in 1993, renovated and turned it into a private home that was finally occupied in 2000. The strong tidal brook at the rear of the property was used to cool the diesel engines that generated power. 

Resource: HistoricPlaces.ca

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