January 17, 2022


Pioneers Museum Grande-Digue

Pioneers Museum Grande-Digue

The Pioneers Museum in Grande-Digue was founded in 1988 in response to the desire of people who asked for a place to preserve their artifacts. 

Pioneers Museum Grande-Digue

The first building was a chapel in memory of the one built in 1788 near the coast. Then the museum acquired and renovated a school (1880), a barn (1890) and a lighthouse (1912). These heritage buildings allow it to preserve and display the artifacts of their pioneers. The pioneers were Acadians who, 20 years after the Great Uprising of 1755, were still looking for land to settle. 

Pioneers Museum Grande-Digue 
Devoid of everything, these people had to invent and make tools, buildings and furniture, cultivate and preserve the produce of the land and do all the trades – these Acadians were ingenious. In addition, they taught these trades to their children and grandchildren to ensure succession.

Their daily life was dominated by religion and religious activities, without neglecting the basic education of the children provided by the small schools in every corner of the parish! 

Pioneers Museum Grande-Digue

Living at the time when the transport and heavy work of the farm was done by horse, these people had a great respect for the horse, this animal that had been so necessary to them. 

Pioneers Museum Grande-Digue

The Historical Society of Grande-Digue Inc. was founded and incorporated in 1978. It is an association of people interested in discovering the history of the region, preserving historical documents and making them known, encouraging the conservation of buildings old and historical sites. 

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Resource: Village of Grande-Digue  

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