President’s Cottage – Sackville

President’s Cottage – Sackville

The President’s Cottage is a 2-story residence, the oldest building on the Mount Allison University campus in Sackville. The cottage predates Confederation. It served as the home of university presidents since its construction in 1857 until 1957.

For many years on graduation day, a reception for every senior on the campus occurred at “The Cottage”. When built, the structure was located in the centre of the Mount Allison University campus in close proximity to the main women’s residence. It was built by the first president Dr. Humphrey Pickard, and was occupied successively by six presidents who served Mount Allison University over a period of 100 years.

Mount Allison University President's Cottage - Sackville
Cottage after bays added in 1903

A major renovation occurred in 1903 that saw the president’s residence, which was a story and a half cottage, changed into a two story building with a two story bow added to the eastern end. By 1958, Mount Allison University needed more space for women students and so the President’s cottage, a historical 14-room cottage in the centre of the university proper, was overnight changed into accommodation for 25 students. 

In 1965, the cottage was almost torn down to make room for the new Chemistry building. Due to the work of R.J. (Max) Hickey in 1967, the house was restored as Mount Allison University’s Centennial Project. It was felt that the building, one of the oldest on campus, had great historical significance, and was an authentic piece of domestic architecture, and could be put to good use as a faculty club. The second floor was renovated for academic space that has included The Rural and Small Town Programme, a research project that helps develop sustainable rural communities and small towns. 


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