August 5, 2022


Prince Edward School – Moncton

Prince Edward School – Moncton

Prince Edward School is designated a Local Historic Place for its Neo classical architecture and for the education history of Moncton.

The Neo classical structure was designed by architect H. T. Brenan of Saint John and completed by Harold N. Price of Moncton. The red brick walls are contrasted by sandstone details. The shallow entrance portico exhibits classic elements in sandstone. This interior has been altered from its original 8-room design. Wherever possible, existing elements have been maintained. The wear and tear from schoolchildren’s feet has been left unaltered. Exposed beams from the auditorium, teacher and student cloak closet, built-in shelves and cabinets and even the coal room have found new life in this restored building. 

Prince Edward School Moncton NB

Prince Edward School is also designated for its significance in Moncton’s educational history. Built in 1927, Prince Edward School served Moncton’s blossoming west end communities. It was only the ninth school built in the city. It was named “Prince Edward” in honour of His Royal Highness Edward, Prince of Whales. Due to post WWI expansion in Moncton, five major schools were built in the 1920’s, including this one. It continued to serve the community as a school until 1980. 


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