January 30, 2023


Robb Wells

Robb Wells

Robb Wells was born in Moncton in 1971. His Dad worked as a civilian officer in charge of the RCMP Forensic Crime Lab.

Robb moved to Dartmouth when he was eight years old and went to school with Mike Clattenberg and John Paul Tremblay. The three were always pulling practical jokes on people and getting into trouble. They had a bizarre sense of humor. While Tremblay and Wells were operating a successful chain of pizza restaurants called J.R. Capone’s, they decided to pass the time making crude video skits of themselves. 

In 1998 they made a short film with acting veteran John Dunsworth called “One last Shot“. The film won a best actor and best cinematography award. 

A year later they made a mockumentary film called “Trailer Park Boys” featuring newcomers Patrick Roach, Mike Jackson, Cory Bowles, Lucy Decoutere and Jeanne Harrison.

Tralier Park Boys

During the filming, they met a sound mixer named Mike Smith, and after the filming was complete they made a deal with Showcase to make “Trailer Park Boys” into a TV Series with Mike Smith on board. After the series was green-lit, the lovable Bubbles was born. Now there are 3 main characters in the Park. 

Mike Smith (Bubbles)
Mike Smith (Bubbles)

Robb Wells also appeared in the U.S. feature “Virginia’s Run“. 

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Resource: IMDb 

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