Rotary Memorial Park Dalhousie

Rotary Memorial Park Dalhousie

Rotary Memorial Park Dalhousie

Rotary Memorial Park is a rectangular plot of land located in the center of Dalhousie, bounded by the Courthouse and Jail, and William, Court and Hall Streets. The park is designated a Local Historic Place because of its long tradition as the Town Square. 

Dalhousie Provincial Court & Jail

The Park is recognized for being part of Dalhousie’s town history. The area occupied by Rotary Memorial Park was indicated on the 1831 Plan of Dalhousie by Deputy Charles Peters as “marketplace, jail and courthouse”. A photograph circa 1900 shows the area as fenced and with a walkway down the middle. 

Rotary Memorial Park Dalhousie

In 1978, the Town Square was rededicated as Rotary Memorial Park. The park has been used for many important local events, including remembrance ceremonies, political rallies, community celebrations and concerts.

Dalhousie Cenotaph

The many community functions of the park are reflected in its associated structures, including a cenotaph erected by the Royal Canadian Legion, a bandstand and a playground. These structures are located within the well landscaped grounds of the park, which include footpaths, trees and flower beds. 

Dalhousie Rotary Park

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