Saint Andrew’s Anglican Church Miramichi

Saint Andrew's Anglican Church Miramichi

Saint Andrew’s Anglican Church Miramichi

The historical significance of Saint Andrew’s Anglican Church in Miramichi stems from its architectural design and its spiritual impact on the local community. Built in the carpenter gothic style, the church was modeled after Aghavallen Church in County Kerry and completed in 1850 under the guidance of Rev. James Hudson (Father Hudson). The church was later consecrated by Bishop Medley. Father Hudson had contributed to the construction and completion of various churches in the surrounding areas, with Saint Andrew’s being his final endeavor.

Saint Andrew's Anglican Church.
Historic photo of Saint Andrew’s Anglican Church. Provincial Archives of New Brunswick.

One of the oldest churches in the area, the small adjoining cemetery is the resting place of several prominent early pioneers to the area.

Saint Andrew's Anglican Church Miramichi

Over the years, some noted people have visited and worshipped here including the Duke of Devonshire, Lord Bessborough and Gov. Gen. Lord and Lady Bing.

Saint Andrew's Anglican Church Miramichi
Saint Andrew’s Anglican Church, nave, chancel and altar, 2004

The Church is designated a local Historic place.

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  1. Would this be the church of the folks who immigrated from Ireland? My grandfather was a Matchett, part of the family from Cavan County, Ireland. As a child I remember being confused as my grandmother was Catholic but my grandfather was Anglican… I see the connection.

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