Saint-Jean-Baptiste Church Dalhousie

Saint-Jean-Baptiste Church is a large stone Gothic Revival style church located on Church Lane in Dalhousie. It is on a prominent crest overlooking the town and the Restigouche River. 

Saint-Jean-Baptiste Church is designated a Local Historic Place due to its architectural and historical values. 

Saint-Jean-Baptiste Church, Dalhousie

Saint-Jean-Baptiste Church is probably the best example of Gothic Revival architectural in Dalhousie. Massively constructed of dressed granite blocks, the church displays Gothic Revival style with its steep cross gabled metal roof, pointed arch windows and two large towers. 

Saint-Jean-Baptiste Church, Dalhousie

Saint-Jean-Baptiste Church, built in 1931, occupies the site of two preceding Catholic churches; the first was built in 1860 and burnt down in 1886, the second burnt circa 1930. The size and grandeur of the present church attests to the strength of the Catholic congregation of Dalhousie. 

Saint-Jean-Baptiste Church, Dalhousie


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