Shogomoc Walking Bridge

Located on the west side of the St. John River at the mouth of the Shogomoc Stream, 4.52 km SW of Nackawic, on the road to PokiokCanterbury ParishYork County: included the settlement of Lower Canterbury: PO Lower Canterbury 1862-1892: in 1871 Lower Canterbury or Shogomoc had a population of 100: PO Shogomoc 1889-1916: in 1904 Shogomoc was a farming community with 1 post office, 1 store, 1 hotel, 1 sawmill, 1 church and a population of 200.

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Shogomoc Walking Bridge

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4 thoughts on “Shogomoc Walking Bridge

  1. Way to many cars on the trail from Ritchie road to shogomoc. People should park and walk the trail as there are houses, animals, and children close to the road and it’s causing concern in the community. There are also Potholes in road and speed on the road is outrageous. It’s also sad to see the garbage down the sides of the road to the bridge and people are using the bathroom in the woods. The beauty of This area is going to be destroyed if we don’t address and fix the issues. May I suggest to gate off the trail to vehicles. Also, may I suggest an outhouse be placed at shogomoc.

  2. is this a hard trial for someone that has bad kness and has trouble walking?

  3. No. You can drive right to it. There is a slight grade from the road up to the bridge.

  4. its so much fun to swim there too you can walk right out to where the old bridge was and climb on to the side of the bridge and jump off on the left side its 70 ft deeop

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