Sir Charles G.D. Roberts Home

G. D. Roberts Home

Sir Charles G.D. Roberts Home

Constructed from brick in 1829, this Canadian interpretation of an English Georgian rectory was initially inhabited by Archdeacon Coster.

The Rectory

It was later home to Canon Roberts and his renowned literary family, notably Sir Charles G.D. Roberts (1860-1943). Charles, alongside his cousin, poet Bliss Carman, are celebrated as pioneers of English poetry in Canada. The garden was a favorite spot where they often engaged in their writing endeavors.

Sir Charles G.D. Roberts
Sir Charles G.D. Roberts

Theodore Goodridge Roberts (1877-1953), another acclaimed author and significantly younger, was born here. He was the father of the esteemed modern Canadian artist Goodridge Roberts (1904-1974).

G.D. Roberts Home
“The Old Rectory Home of the Roberts Family built in 1834, Fredericton, New Brunswick. 1930” NBM 1987-17-561

Although the house, situated at 734 George Street in Fredericton, has been affected by recent alterations that don’t align with its original design, it continues to stand as one of the most significant structures in New Brunswick.

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