Sir John Douglas Hazen

Sir John Douglas Hazen, lawyer, politician, judge (b at Oromocto, NB 5 June 1860; d at Saint John 27 Dec 1937).

Sir Robert Borden, Lord Strathcona (Canadian High Commissioner in London) and J. Douglas Hazen (Minister of Marine, Fisheries and Naval Affairs) at Paddington Station, 1912. (Photo from the UNB Archives)

A Fredericton alderman from 1885-88, he was elected mayor in 1888 and MP for Saint John in 1891. Defeated in 1896 when Laurier came to power, he was elected MLA for Sunbury in 1899 and named leader of the Opposition.

Under his leadership the modern Conservative Party emerged as an effective political force in NB, winning power in 1908 and leading battles against political corruption and federal efforts to reduce Maritime parliamentary representation.

In 1911 he entered Prime Minister Borden’s Cabinet as minister of marine and fisheries, minister of naval affairs and MP for Saint John. A member of the Imperial War Cabinet and the International Fisheries Commission, Hazen was appointed chief justice of NB in 1917. 



Sir John Douglas Hazen Park, an open-green-space area of Oromocto, is located adjacent to the Oromocto and St. John river systems and the Trans-Canada Trail.



The park features a wide selection of natural flora and fauna. Interconnected with the Deer Park Nature Trail system. The park is home to Fort Hughes Military Blockhouse, the Small Craft Aquatic Centre and the Oromocto Marina. A free Internet access point. 





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