St. Alban’s Anglican Church – Riverside-Albert

St. Alban's Anglican Church - Riverside-Albert

St. Alban’s Anglican Church – Riverside-Albert

St. Alban’s Anglican Church in Riverside-Albert, established in 1907, stands as a testament to the resilience and faith of the community. It was erected in the wake of the tragic loss of two previous churches: the Church of St. John, an early Anglican establishment in Albert County’s Hopewell Hill, consecrated in 1859, and another structure in Harvey. Sadly, fire ravaged the church at Hopewell Hill, and the Harvey structure met a similar fate.

St. Alban's Church
St. Alban’s Church Albert NB 1933 (1987-17-519, NBMuseum Coll., McCord Museum)

The parish was too scattered to support two churches so near together. 

St. Alban's Anglican Church stained glass

Drawing inspiration from traditional English churches, St. Alban’s Anglican Church majestically graces the main route between Albert and Riverside, capturing the admiration of many travellers. Its existence owes much to the relentless dedication of the late Canon Smithers. On September 3rd, 1907, a momentous occasion was marked when the church was consecrated for God’s service by Bishop Richardson of Fredericton. The consecration drew a significant crowd, filling the church to its capacity, with some attendees even left standing.

St. Alban's Anglican Church Sanctuary

Architecturally, St. Alban’s is a marvel, constructed from cobble or field stone embedded in cement, showcasing a distinctively picturesque design. Its modified Gothic style features low walls, a steeple, and an elegant tower on the right side crowned with a shimmering gilt cross.

St. Alban's Anglican Church Stained Glass Window

The church is adorned with stained glass windows, the grandest of which is situated at the West end. This particular window, a poignant representation of the Good Shepherd, was generously donated by Mrs. Phoebe E. Vincent McAnulty of Albert in memory of a loved one.

For over a century, St. Alban’s Anglican Church in Riverside-Albert has been the heart and soul of Anglicanism in the area, firmly establishing its presence and legacy.

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