St. Alban’s Anglican Church – Riverside-Albert

St. Alban's Anglican Church - Riverside-Albert

St. Alban’s Anglican Church – Riverside-Albert

St. Alban’s Anglican Church – Riverside-Albert was built in 1907 to take the place of two churches. The Church of St. John was one of the first Anglican churches in Albert County in Hopewell Hill, which was consecrated in 1859. The church at Hopewell Hill was destroyed by fire and a similar structure at Harvey was demolished. 

St. Alban's Church
St. Alban’s Church Albert NB 1933 (1987-17-519, NBMuseum Coll., McCord Museum)

The parish was too scattered to support two churches so near together. 

St. Alban's Anglican Church stained glass

St. Alban’s Anglican Church – Riverside-Albert is styled after the English churches and standing as it does beside the main highway between Albert and Riverside attracts the attention of many passersby. Thanks to the untiring efforts of the late Canon Smithers that the church was built ands dedicated in 1907. And so it was that on September 3rd, 1907 St. Alban’s Anglican Church at Riverside was consecrated to the service of God by his Lordship Bishop Bishop Richardson of Fredericton. The service was attended by a concourse of people that completely filled the edifice and left many unable to get seats. 

St. Alban's Anglican Church Sanctuary

St. Alban’s Anglican Church – Riverside-Albert is built of cobble or field stone laid in cement, and is of exceedingly picturesque design. Being modified Gothic with low walls and steeple and handsome tower t the right corner surmounted by a beautiful gilt cross. 

St. Alban's Anglican Church Stained Glass Window

The windows are all of stained glass, the large one in the West end being a memorial window beautiful design representing the Good Shepherd, the gift of Mrs. Phoebe E. Vincent McAnulty of Albert. 

For 100 years St. Alban’s Anglican Church of Riverside-Albert has been the Anglican footprint in the community. 

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