St. James the Greater Anglican Church

St. James the Greater Anglican Church, Doaktown, NB

St. James the Greater Anglican Church

St. James the Greater Anglican Church in Ludlow was built in 1887. It is designated a Local Historic Place for its religious architecture for its spiritual impact within the community.

Bishop John Medley, New Brunswick’s first Anglican Bishop, was keen to ecclesiastical architecture and was responsible for the construction of more than one hundred churches of this architectural style within the province over a span of forty seven years. 

St. James the Greater Anglican Church, Ludlow

Reverend James Hudson, a missionary who came to the Miramichi area in the 1830’s , was instrumental in the construction of many of the Anglican churches along the watershed, all bearing similar architectural design, under Bishop Medley’s direction. Reverend James Hudson died in 1881. Construction of  St. James the Greater Anglican Church occurred in 1887 and was dedicated as a memorial to Reverend James Hudson.

As was customary of the time, a special train was sent from Fredericton to carry the Diocese Bishop Medley and others for the Consecration Service on Saturday, July 9, 1887. The land on which the church stand was given by Mrs. John Murphy Sr., nee Ellen Price. 

The Gate at St. James the Greater Anglican Church, Ludlow

Also of historic significance is the Lynch Gate located on the church front grounds. This is one of three such structures located within the Anglican churches in New Brinswick. It was customary at a funeral for the casket and procession to wait here, outside the gate, to be led into the church by the attending minister. 

Resource: Rural Community of Upper Miramichi

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  1. I have been researching my genealogy through the mitochondrial side of my family (through my mother’s mother’s mother’s mother…etc). Several of the mothers before me were born in Ludlow. I am wondering if there is any evidence of their lives in the church records. Dorothy Price was born there in 1759 Charlotte O’Donnell 1828 Alice Hovey 1860-1928 Bernice Hovey 1879 Janet Meagher 1915.

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