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St Lawrence Anglican Church – Bouctouche

St Lawrence Anglican Church – Bouctouche

St. Lawrence Anglican Church in Bouctouche was built in 1865 and a has small cemetery surrounded by a fence. The property is located on the south bank of the Bouctouche River. 

The first service took place on December 18, 1865 and the church was consecrated by Bishop Medley of Fredericton on September 24, 1870.

St Lawrence Anglican Church, Bouctouche, NB

Medley favoured the Neo Gothic style for New Brunswick because of the Ecclesiological movement of the 19th century. This reformist movement of the Anglican Church favoured a return to the Gothic architecture of the Middle Ages. The church is a typical example of Gothic revival vernacular and a testament to the popularity of this very ecclesiastic style throughout rural New Brunswick. 

St Lawrence Anglican Church, Bouctouche, NB

Frank Wills was one of the architects who designed Christ Church Cathedral and St. Anne’s chapel in Fredericton with the help of John Medley.

The bell located in the bell turret of St. Lawrence Anglican Church comes from the S.S. Helena, a British vessel from the 18th century, and was later installed on an American vessel during the 19th century and even survived the civil war. It has been housed in the church’s bell turret since the early 1900s.

The property also holds heritage value in the importance of its cemetery, which reveals that there was once an Anglophone presence in Bouctouche. For example, it is the burial place of Robert Douglass, a cultivated man who was a professor, surveyor and harbour master. He also donated the land on which the church is built. 

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