November 27, 2022


St. Luke’s Anglican Church Woodstock

St. Luke’s Anglican Church Woodstock

St. Luke’s Anglican Church in Woodstock is designated a Local Historic Place for its spiritual and architectural values. 

St. Luke’s Anglican Church has spiritual value because it represents the Episcopal (Anglican) beliefs of many of Woodstock’s Loyalist settlers. Completed in 1884, St. Luke’s Anglican Church is the third Anglican Church to be erected on this site, its uncompleted predecessor having been destroyed by the Woodstock Fire of 1881. The first church was erected on this site as early as the 1830’s, linking the site to the early beginnings of the Anglican Church in Woodstock.

St. Luke's Anglican Church Woodstock

St. Luke’s Anglican Church is a good example of ecclesiastical Carpenter Gothic architecture in Woodstock. This style is evident in such details as the central tower on the front façade and the Gothic arch windows. Its exterior is in original form with the exception of a recently added access ramp. Inside, the sanctuary has undergone only minor modifications including electric lighting and additional stained glass windows. The interior décor, including the woodwork and spatial configuration, remains intact.

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