St. Stephen Post Office

St. Stephen NB Post Office

St. Stephen Post Office

The St. Stephen Post Office, designed by Thomas Fuller, the architect responsible for the Parliament Buildings, stands as an exceptional example of 19th-century federal structures that solidified the Government of Canada’s presence in cities and towns nationwide.

Finished in 1887, this Romanesque Revival edifice was designated a National Historic Site in 1983. From 1965 to 2009, it functioned as the Town Hall.

St. Stephen NB Post Office

In February 2016, the town council voted to demolish the former post office following an engineering report estimating repair costs at $1.6 million—a figure contested by local heritage organizations. However, after public uproar and potential interest from an undisclosed developer, the demolition was postponed.

The St. Stephen Post Office was featured in the 2016 Top 10 Endangered Places List. Later that year, the St. Stephen council approved repurposing the old town hall, and restoration efforts commenced in spring 2017.

Margaret Williamson, Co-Director of The River Arts Resource Council, stated, “Our attempts to save the St. Stephen Post Office from demolition were significantly aided when the National Trust for Canada included the building in the 2016 Top 10 Endangered Places List. The media coverage that followed influenced our Mayor and Town Council to abandon any plans of demolishing our invaluable National Historic Site.”


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  1. I just wanted you two to know how much I enjoy MyNB. What a wonderful job you are doing of capturing the essence of what is, and what was, the special place called New Brunswick. As purveyors of local history, tradition and lore, you continue to educate us with every post – and with awesome, awesome photography to boot! On a personal note, I especially appreciate that you also include Acadian-themed stories on a regular basis – this just warms my heart. Once again, thank you so very much for the fine work you are doing.

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