The College School in Woodstock

The Old College School, Woodstock NB

The College School in Woodstock

The College School stood as a distinguished landmark in the Town of Woodstock, easily recognizable in panoramas of the town from 1859 through 1911. Its skyline presence was marked by a Gothic tower and multiple spires, perched atop Green Street hill.

Founded around 1869 by Reverend Charles Gordon Glass, a Presbyterian clergyman, the College School was part of his dual ventures. Reverend Glass was dedicated to facilitating a Scots immigrant settlement in New Brunswick, leading to the establishment of Glassville, and launching a school in Woodstock. At the same time, similar settlement schemes promoted by Roman Catholic Bishop John Sweeney, and by Rev. Charles Knowles of the Free Will Baptist Church, gave rise to Johnville and Knowlesville, respectively.

Reverend Glass  served as the Principal and Administrator of the College School for over ten years, from its inception until the Common School Act of New Brunswick in 1871 mandated free education. Following this, the Woodstock School Board took over the school’s management, and Reverend Glass relocated to Montreal for his ministry in the Presbyterian Church.

On March 1, 1911, the College school ceased its operations, with the teacher and students vacating the premises. During this transition, students were accommodated in various temporary locations arranged by the school board. Subsequently, the site was cleared to make way for the construction of the L. P. Fisher Memorial School on the same grounds. 

L.P. Fisher school, Woodstock N B built in 1911
L.P. Fisher school, Woodstock built in 1911

Remarkably, parts of the school were preserved and repurposed. They were relocated to College Street, where they found a new lease on life as residential homes.

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