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United Baptist Church Woodstock

United Baptist Church Woodstock

The Woodstock United Baptist Church is designated a local historic place. Built between 1881-1885 to replace the Free Christian Baptist Church that burned in the fire that destroyed much of Woodstock’s downtown in 1881, the present structure was originally designed in the Gothic Revival style by notable Saint John architect D. E. Dunham.

United Baptist Church Woodstock

The building has undergone some structural modifications that have altered its original appearance, most notably a major enlargement of the building in 1907, necessitated by the amalgamation of the various Baptist denominations in Woodstock. This renovation was designed by another prominent Saint John architect, H. H. Mott. His modifications added more Classical elements to the original design. The result is a rare blend of Gothic and Classical architecture in Woodstock. 

United Baptist Church Woodstock

When lightning struck the steeple in 1966, the 130 foot tower was pulled down and capped. The original tall Gothic stained-glass windows were removed for the installation of two ornate memorial stained-glass windows.

Woodstock United Baptist Church is also designated as a symbol of the history of the Baptist faith in Woodstock. The Baptist denomination in Woodstock dates to 1834. The congregation quickly grew but was plagued by divisions over minor points of dogma; by the late 1800’s there were several Baptist churches in the downtown area.

United Baptist Church Woodstock

In 1906, the churches amalgamated as the Woodstock United Baptist Church, choosing this site as their house of worship. The building continues to serve the church today. 

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