June 30, 2022


Victoria County Court House

Victoria County Court House

The Victoria County Court House is situated on a parcel of land facing the Saint John River in the Village of Perth-Andover, Victoria County. The former Village of Andover was once the shire town of Victoria County.

Built in 1878, the Victoria County Court House Provincial Historic Site’s significance lies in its historic use as a courthouse and for County Council meetings. It has also served as a jail, site of public hangings, the county sheriff office and living quarters. 

Victoria County Court House

The Court House is a distinguished structure of Italianate and Second Empire styles that illustrates the importance given to the architecture and material richness of such a public building during the Victorian era. It is noteworthy that the building is still actively used as a courthouse, registry office and revenue office. The upper floors and courtroom are stunning in their fine detail and splendid degree of preservation. 

Source: HistoricPlaces.ca 

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