Victory Building

Victory building in Fredericton

Victory Building

The Ross Drugstore in Fredericton, established in 1914, is on the corner where Dibblee’s drug store used to be. It was  also home to the shops of A. A. Belmore and R. B. Van Dine, the Fredericton Business College, Maritime Dental Parlour, the Maritime Trust Co., barrister C. R. Barry, W. Hedley Wilson insurance, and other offices.

Fisher building in Fredericton
This was the old Fisher Building on the corner of Queen and York Streets. (This photo is part of the Harvey Studio fonds. Credit: Provincial Arvhives of NB/P14-39)

The building burned March 20, 1942 and its brick walls collapsed in the fire. The present Victory Building was rebuilt on the site.
Victory Building in Fredericton

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