Village of Gagetown – History

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Village of Gagetown – History

Established in 1783 and incorporated in 1966, the Village of Gagetown carries a rich historical legacy. Once a bustling hub for farming and forestry in the 19th and 20th centuries, Gagetown now serves as an inviting haven for artists, craftspeople, bird enthusiasts, boaters, and gourmet lovers.

Queens County Courthouse, Gagetown NB
Queens County Courthouse

Before its current name, the Village of Gagetown was known as Grimrose to the Acadians and Maliseet, who inhabited the area before the Acadian Expulsion. The Raid on Grimross took place during the St. John River Campaign (1758–59). Many Acadians had relocated to villages along the St. John River to escape the Expulsion of the Acadians from different parts of the Maritimes. Colonel Robert Monckton led a force of 1150 British soldiers during the St. John River Campaign in the French and Indian War to devastate the Acadian settlements along the St. John River up to the largest village, Ste Anne’s Point (now known as Fredericton), in February 1759. The St. John River was home to 2000 Acadians, many of whom were refugees fleeing the Acadian Expulsion.

General Thomas Gage
General Thomas Gage

The village’s name traces back to British General Sir Thomas Gage. In gratitude for his service to the British Empire in the Seven Years’ War, Major General Thomas Gage was granted a vast area of land in central New Brunswick. This land forms the present-day Gagetown.

The Village of Gagetown is a historic Loyalist settlement that functioned as a stopover for river boats during the 1800s and early 1900s.

Tilley House Museum, Gagetown, NB
Tilley House

You can take a tour of various studios showcasing pottery, weaving, and art while witnessing artists at work. Embark on a journey into the past as you explore the historic landmarks of Queens County Heritage, including the 1786 Tilley House, the birthplace of Confederation Father Sir Samuel Leonard Tilley, the 1836 Queens County Court House, and the Loomcrofters Studio, purportedly the oldest building still intact in New Brunswick.

St. John's Anglican Church, Gagetown NB
St. John’s Anglican Church

The allure of the Bed and Breakfast experience truly shines in the Village of Gagetown. The Village offers beautiful turn-of-the-century architecture and décor, paired with the genuine friendliness of its residents.

Greig Pottery Gagetown NB
Greig Pottery

Greig Pottery Gagetown NB

A full-service marina located at the heart of the Village caters to dedicated boaters. The Queens County Fair, held in mid-September, remains one of the oldest and largest country fairs.

Gagetown Post office

Gagetown Fire Truck

Base Gagetown Monument

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