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Village of New Maryland

The Village of New Maryland was established in 1961, adjacent to the southwestern boundary of Fredericton. The community’s history can be traced back to 1783, when members of the Maryland Loyalists were resettled near Fredericton after fighting for Britain in the American War of Independence. In 1817, their descendants settled in an area called “Maryland Hill,” which became the Parish of New Maryland in 1846. The community was made up of farming and lumbering families, including Scottish settlers. 

New Maryland is home to several historic buildings, including the Anglican church and Victoria Hall. 

St. Mary the Virgin Anglican Church, New Maryland
St. Mary the Virgin Anglican Church, New Maryland

The Church of St. Mary the Virgin Provincial Historic Site is significant because of its association with the Neo-Gothic architectural programme of Anglican priest-architect Rev. Edward S. Medley and, his father, Bishop John Medley. Here the two Medleys have collaborated to render a diminutive, wooden, mid-Victorian church-building translated from more formal stone compositions in England dating back to the Middle Ages. Designed by Rev. Edward S. Medley in 1863 and completed the following year, this church was consecrated by Bishop John Medley. It serves as a noteworthy example of the more that 100 Neo-Gothic churches erected in New Brunswick during the 47 year episcopate of John Medley (1845-1892). 

Church of St. Mary the Virgin Interior
Church of St. Mary the Virgin Interior

Surrounded by cemetery stones nestled in a churchyard, the Church of St Mary the Virgin held a central place in the life of the rural community for well over 100 years.

Victoria Hall, New Maryland
Victoria Hall, New Maryland

The New Maryland Women’s Institute was founded on June 7th, 1915, and soon realized they needed a new hall for their meetings and events. James Horncastle donated land to the Institute, and construction of Victoria Hall began on May 24th, 1917. The hall was completed in time for the first annual meeting of the Women’s Institute in June 1918, and was named after Queen Victoria.

During World Wars I and II, the Women’s Institute sent letters and care packages to soldiers abroad, and raised funds for various relief organizations. They also held bake sales, sold subscriptions to magazines and organized events like card parties and suppers to raise money. Victoria Hall was rented out for dances and weddings as well.

In 1993, due to the rising costs of maintenance, the Village of New Maryland entered into a lease with the Women’s Institute to use the building and adjacent property. The village took over care and maintenance, resulting in upgrades such as moving the hall further back from the highway to a safer location, installing washrooms, and upgrading the electrical system to allow year-round use. The park surrounding Victoria Hall was developed, and a Veteran’s Memorial was installed in 1995.

In 2003, the Women’s Institute decided to sell the hall and park land to the Village of New Maryland. Victoria Hall has become a beloved landmark in the village, hosting many community events throughout the year. 

Former CFNB Radio Transmitter Building
Former CFNB Radio Transmitter Building now a private residence

The Village of New Maryland is also notable for being the site of the last fatal duel in the province, which occurred in 1821 between lawyers George Frederic Street and George Ludlow Wetmore. Street directed the sheriff to arrest Jacob Smith Senior but the writ was actually issued for Jacob Smith Junior. Wetmore challenged Street to a duel which had a tragic end. 


Despite its proximity to Fredericton, New Maryland has managed to preserve its rural character, although recent years have seen the completion of several housing subdivisions and commercial developments.

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  1. My ex husband’s ancestors were one of those Maryland loyalist families.. the Fisher family. Can I get more info in New Maryland?

  2. An interesting article. My research indicates that the area of “Maryland”, “Maryland Hill” or “New Maryland” was settled as early as 1800. The first land grants were made in 1806. The is a link to the Colony of Maryland but the details cannot be determined. None of the early settlers were were Maryland Loyalists.

    1. From the Canadian Encyclopedia:
      New Maryland, NB, incorporated as a village in 1961, population 4232 (2011c), 4248 (2006c). The Village of New Maryland is located adjacent to the southwestern boundary of FREDERICTON. In 1783, members of the Maryland LOYALISTS hat became known as “Maryland Hill.” They were soon joined by a group of Scottish settlers, and in 1846 this community became the Parish of New Maryland. Most residents worked in farming and lumbering.

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