W.W. Boyce Farmers Market

Boyce Farmers Market, Fredericton

W.W. Boyce Farmers Market

The Boyce Farmers Market” is a cherished Saturday tradition in Fredericton. Locals and tourists alike gather here, drawn by the impressive assortment of international cuisine, farm-fresh produce, fresh seafood, exquisite crafts, authentic maple syrup, homemade jams and jellies, an array of beautiful flowers, and baked goods. Equally appealing are the friendly vendors, some of whom have been selling their goods at the market for several years.

ww boyce farmers market

The market is named after William Walter Boyce, an Englishman who first came to Fredericton in 1888. He eventually made this city his home and married a local woman named May Leonard from Salamanca. Together, they ran a farm in Lincoln where they specialized in growing turnips, which were sold in places as distant as Montreal and Boston.

Boyce also built a successful career as a lumberman and as a fertilizer and feed merchant. However, he always dreamed that Fredericton would have its own dedicated market house. Although this vision was not realized during his lifetime, upon his death in 1950, Boyce bequeathed $40,000 to York County for the construction of a market house. Initially hesitant to undertake such a large project, the county councillors attempted to return the funds. But May Boyce wouldn’t accept it.

Today, the Boyce Farmers Market, located on the fringes of a historic residential area, is a vibrant weekly spectacle that encapsulates the multicultural essence of the city.

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