W.W.E. Smith’s Food Market

William Walter Embleton Smith was born 20 Apr 1839 in Alnwick, England. He died 8 Feb 1886 in Harvey.

William Walter Embleton Smith

William opened and operated a general store in the Village of Harvey in 1869, shortly after his marriage. This store remained in the family for three generations — being sold to unrelated Smiths in the early 1980’s. The store remains in operation under the name of the founder, W. W. E. Smith. The home and store has been kept up very well and is an excellent example of Victorian country design. 

W.W.E. Smith's Food Market

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One thought on “W.W.E. Smith’s Food Market”

  1. Art Smith became the “third generation” operator after marrying Margaret Smith. It had been her family store. He sold it to Glenn Smith in the eighties. That makes three successive unrelated Smiths who operated the store.

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