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William B. Mackenzie House – Moncton

William B. Mackenzie House – Moncton

The William B. MacKenzie House 91 Steadman Street is designated a Local Historic Place for being a good example of ornate Second Empire residential architecture in Moncton and for its long time owner.

William B. MacKenzie House Moncton

The William B. Mackenzie House, Moncton was built circa 1883 possibly for prominent Moncton merchant A. J. Babang (Babin). The residence in clapboard and shingle siding, still exhibits telltale Second Empire elements. The steep mansard roof is dotted with several elaborate dormers and the central tower is crowned with cast ironwork. The craftsmanship of the era is demonstrated in the scrolled brackets and the ornate window and door treatments, a two-storey bay and an enclosed sunroom over a large wrapped veranda. The interior still displays many original features, including woodwork and fireplaces. The adjacent barn dates as far back as the turn of the 20th century. 

William B. MacKenzie House Moncton

The house is also important in its association with long-term owner, William B. MacKenzie. Through a mortgage default, Mr. Mackenzie purchased the premises and the residence in 1895. MacKenzie came to Moncton from Nova Scotia in 1875 as a transfer for the Intercolonial Railway. By 1897, he was appointed chief engineer. He retired in 1914 after 42 years of service, having produced numerous papers on the railway and railway policies. The residence stayed in the MacKenzie family until 1977. 

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  1. How I remember this house as a child (60’s and early 70’s). I would take the rent check to Mrs. Mackenzie and often take her dog Saxon out for a walk…sometime give him a bath. She was a kind lady from what I recall. She was had a slight frame that looked so much smaller when she was driving the big black car she kept in the barn out back. We also used to borrow her push lawn mower, which weighed half a ton. Always oiled the mower after use.

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