Windsor House

Windsor House St. Andrews

Windsor House

Windsor House, located on Water Street in St. Andrews, was constructed in 1797 for United Empire Loyalist Captain David Mowat. Captain Mowat, a celebrated figure in St. Andrews folklore, was known as a master mariner and ship owner. Additionally, he served as a member of the Legislative Assembly for Charlotte County.

Tragically, in 1810, Captain Mowat perished during a storm off the Coast of Maine, shipwrecked during his maritime pursuits. Following her husband’s demise, Mehitable Calef Mowat became known for her acts of kindness. Learning of a woman who sustained her eight children by digging clams daily, Mehitable delivered a hamper of food to the family and arranged for their transport to St. Andrews. The family she helped was Henry Goldsmith’s, the nephew of the renowned Irish writer, Oliver Goldsmith. Among the children who stayed in her home for six months was Oliver Goldsmith, who would become the first native Canadian to publish a book of poems.

Mehitable continued to live in Windsor House until her passing in 1860 at 92. The property remained with the Mowat family until 1873.

Windsor Hotel St. Andrews

Windsor House is also recognized for its importance in the history of hospitality in St. Andrews. From 1873 until 1940, it was a popular St. Andrews hotel. Windsor House is now a combination of Inn, Library Bar and Special Event Venue.

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