Winterfesthiver 2016


Winterfest NB Inc was inspired by a family’s visit to Winterlude in the mid 1990’s in the Nation’s Capital Region.

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The idea came that this same atmosphere could be cultivated in Fredericton. Others began to share the vision and came together to present the inaugural Winterfest NB in 2002. What a success! Over 20,000 visitors in 13 hours in -29C windchill spent the weekend riding the ice slides, wandering the huge maze, eating Bear-paws and sipping hot chocolate. For two days prior, countless school children enjoyed a field trip to the Winterfest Kingdom with additional games coordinated by school district physical education mentors. If you build it, they will come.

2016 winterfest 004

Of course, the slides are the glory of Winterfesthiver. No less impressive is the snow maze, an adult version of the three foot high children’s maze.

Each year brings the goal of building bigger and better. Together with the slides and the maze, Winterfesthiver has brought together other activities to make a day in the snow truly worthwhile for all who attend.

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Winterfesthiver 2015 saw the vision expanded to two new and exciting INDOOR components, the Artisans’ Village and Rocks the Night!  Just steps away from the Winter Kingdom, the Artisans’ Village was a great place to recharge and warm up while enjoying artists, artisans, musicians, dancers and all sorts of other entertainment.

2016 winterfest 003

Winterfesthiver 2016 was held at Brookside Mall in Fredericton, February 13-14th.

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