November 30, 2021


Woodstock Historic Properties

Woodstock Historic Properties

The Town of Woodstock, New Brunswick’s first town, is rich with more than 155 years of history and heritage. Woodstock was the first incorporated town in New Brunswick on May 1, 1856. Woodstock boasts some of the finest 19th Century historic Victorian heritage homes, churches and civic buildings. Here are a few of them. 

Judge Jones House Woodstock
Judge Jones House, built in 1856-1857. 119 Chapel Street. 
Maudie's Tea Room
Maudie’s Tea Room, 103 Grover St, built in 1921. Originally called the “Sunset Porch”. In 1932 Rt. Hon. MacKenzie King had dinner there.
Tupper House, 140 Connell Street Woodstock
Tupper House, 140 Connell Street, built in the late 1830’s operated as a stagecoach stop and an Inn.
Newnham & Slipp Pharmacy Woodstock
Newnham & Slipp Pharmacy Woodstock founded by William T. Baird in 1839. 
Women's Institute House
Founded in the 19th century, the WI was an action group for rural women. In 1951 they purchased “Benn House” as a retirement home for elderly members, meeting part of the cost from sales of 20,000 copies of it’s “Victory Cookbook”.

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One thought on “Woodstock Historic Properties

  1. My parents bought the McLean’s Dairy property from old Mrs McLean in the early 1960’s and I had never known the history of this home. Thank you.

    Dave Saunders
    St Albert, Alberta

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