World’s Largest Axe

World's Largest Axe, Nackawic NB

World’s Largest Axe

Nackawic is home to the World’s Largest Axe, an impressive structure standing 15 metres (49 feet) tall and weighing over 55 tons. With an axe-head spanning 7 metres (23 feet) in width and its concrete stump measuring 10 metres (33 feet) in diameter, this monumental installation was commissioned, designed, and erected in 1991 by a Woodstock company. There’s a time capsule housed within the axe’s head, further contributing to its uniqueness. This colossal axe is a symbol of the profound significance of the forestry industry to Nackawic and the entire Province of New Brunswick, both historically and in the present, and looking toward the future. Its establishment in 1991 celebrated Nackawic’s designation as the Forestry Capital of Canada.

The axe stands as a testament to the Nackawic community and its industrious inhabitants, whose efforts and investments have been the backbone of the area’s economy for generations. With the planned development of the Nackawic waterfront, the introduction of new products, services, and experiences will amplify the region’s deep-rooted forest heritage.

World's Largest Axe in Nackawic, NB.
World’s Largest Axe in Nackawic, NB. Photo by Larry Dickinson.

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