Graham Opera House

Capitol Theatre Woodstock. Photo from Michael Saunders

Graham Opera House

Built in 1885, the Graham Opera House on Queen Street in Woodstock became the heartbeat of the town’s cultural and social life. Over the decades, it was a stage for itinerant performers, mesmerizing vaudeville shows, and blossoming local artists.

This versatile establishment was more than just a place for shows. It offered music and dance classes, hosted educational talks, political events, and was a home to various local clubs, deepening the bond of the community.

However, with the inauguration of the lavish Hayden Gibson Theatre in 1907, the limelight began to shift away from the Graham Opera House. Recognizing an opportunity, the Bijou Amusement Company repurposed the building into a cinema.

By 1922, the winds of change blew once again. Under the guidance of architect Neil F. Brodie, the structure underwent extensive modifications, emerging as the Vogue Theatre. This revamp expanded and modernized the space, ensuring it remained contemporary, yet retained its storied past.  

The Capitol Theatre, which once showcased films in its final years, sadly shuttered its doors by 1981. However, post-closure, it underwent a rejuvenating metamorphosis, embracing varied roles. 

Capitol Theatre Woodstock Closing

As time progressed, this iconic venue morphed into a multi-functional space. It became a magnet for diverse retail endeavours, turning into a pulsating commercial nexus for the community. Furthermore, it welcomed a myriad of dining options, tantalizing the taste buds of visitors with eclectic culinary delights.

Beyond just retail and gastronomy, the theatre’s space was reimagined to house offices, becoming a vital hub for businesses to flourish.

From its days of drama and cinema, the Capitol Theatre has continuously reinvented itself, always aligning with the town’s evolving demands, and maintaining its position as a vibrant cornerstone of the community.

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  1. Thank you for posting this. I spent a lot of time in that building and I did not know most of the history. Very interesting.

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