Professor Peter C. Kent

Professor Peter C. Kent

Peter C. Kent, a respected Professor Emeritus of History and Dean Emeritus, is an esteemed alumnus of the University of New Brunswick, graduating in 1959. He has since dedicated his life to contributing significantly to his alma mater.

Upon earning a master’s degree and later a doctorate from the London School of Economics, he joined the history department at UNB in 1965. He also served in the notable role of executive assistant to President Colin B. Mackay.

Dr. Kent stood out as a distinguished classroom teacher and proponent of the residence system, undertaking roles such as the don of Mackenzie House and dean of men’s residence. He engineered the advising and mentoring program for students within the arts faculty, initiated the highly successful UNB Intersession Abroad program, and trailblazed international student exchanges and teaching programs as the director of international relations.

Peter C. Kent
On the occasion of his retirement in 2004, the UNB graduating class erected a stone bench in Jacob’s Yard to honour his many services to student life and learning.

Dr. Kent’s proficient administration skills saw him serve two terms as the history department chair, hold positions on the Senate and Board of Governors, and spend 12 years as the dean of the faculty of arts. His academic leadership was characterized by openness, optimism, energy, and enthusiasm. Alongside these accomplishments, Dr. Kent led an impressive career as a prolific historian and scholar.

His scholarly contributions include three major books, 17 articles, and 10 conference papers, all of which have positioned him as a global authority on the Papacy’s foreign policy, Italian fascism, and Cold War history.

As his nominator aptly put, Dr. Kent has served the University of New Brunswick with grace and distinction for 40 years, making him one of the most deserving recipients of the university’s highest honor for distinguished faculty members.

Holding his doctorate from the University of London (London School of Economics), Professor Peter C. Kent specializes in Contemporary Europe, European Diplomatic History, Italian History, the Vatican and the Catholic Church, and Student Unrest in the 1960s.

Peter C. Kent book cover

He is the author of The Lonely Cold War of Pius XII (McGill-Queen’s, 2002), The Pope and the Duce: The International Impact of the Lateran Agreements (1981), and co-editor of Papal Diplomacy in the Modern Age (1994) with John F. Pollard. His articles have been featured in numerous reputable journals. He organized the 1991 International Symposium on Vatican Diplomacy, “The Holy See in the 19th and 20th Centuries”. His upcoming book on the Strax Affair of 1968-69 at UNB is in its final stages. He also held positions as the Chair of the History Department and Dean of the Faculty of Arts, and was instrumental in organizing the Intersessions in Rome.

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