George Clark House

George Clark House

George Clark House

The George Clark House, situated on Princess Royal Street in St. Andrews, stands as a historical monument built in 1868. It served as the childhood abode of the Hon. George Clarke, distinguished as the sole Premier of New Brunswick originating from St. Andrews.

George Clarke was born in 1857 and grew up in this very house. He advanced in his career, earning his barrister’s admission in 1887, before relocating to St. Stephen to inaugurate his practice. Clarke’s political journey gained momentum in 1898 when he assumed the roles of Mayor of St. Stephen and Warden of Charlotte County. He dedicatedly served as a member of the legislature from 1903 until his passing in 1917. Honoring his contributions, he was appointed King’s Counsel in 1907, and in 1909, he commenced the first of his two terms as Speaker.

A proud member of the Conservative party, George Clarke succeeded J. K. Flemming, taking on the mantle of Premier of New Brunswick in 1914, a term entirely spanned by WWI. Clarke’s legacy is notably marked by his progressive legislative measures as Minister of Lands and Mines, which were regarded as the most forward-thinking policies among any Canadian province of his era.

Clark House St. Andrews

The Clarke House holds the distinction of remaining in the Clarke family lineage for a remarkable 137 years. Constructed in 1868, it was originally the residence of Capt. Nelson Clarke and his spouse. Within the walls of this house, the Clarkes raised five sons, two of whom pursued careers in medicine, one gained prominence as a sea captain, and another, George Clarke, ascended to the position of Premier of New Brunswick. Capt. Clarke earned his living as a harbour pilot and played an active role in the coastal business along the Bay of Fundy.

After years of abandonment and falling into a state of disrepair, the house underwent extensive restoration spearheaded by Capt. Clarke’s grandson in the late 1990s. In a gesture of preserving its historical significance, the rejuvenated property was bestowed upon the St. Andrews Civic Trust in 1999.

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