Snow Buntings

Snow Buntings

Hi  there… I found this site intriguing with lots of beautiful photos.  I plan to forward the link to several of my friends for their viewing.

I am attaching pictures of the Gornish Snowbirds.  Snow Buntings that is.  This beautiful little bird has been visiting from the Artic, the same nearby farm land for as many years as most of us remember. They usually arrive during our first cold spell or storm and will leave as the weather gets warmer in the early Spring.

On this day, Feb. 9,’14, they were enjoying the beautiful sun in trees near our house.  These timid, flighty little birds are not known for eating from feeders but, they have made themselves quite at home feasting from ours.

Cathy Howland
Rusagonis, NB


Thanks Cathy for submitting your pictures. They’re beautiful. We encourage folks to send along their too and we’ll add them to our Peoples Pics section.

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