Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada

Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada

Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada

The Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada is a non-profit organization that provides after-school programs, mentoring, and support to children and youth across Canada. The organization has a rich history that dates back more than a century.

In 1900, the first Boys Club was established in Saint John by a group of concerned citizens who wanted to provide a safe and positive environment for boys who were at risk of getting into trouble. The club quickly became popular, and within a few years, similar clubs had been established in cities across Canada.

In 1907, the first Girls Club was established in Halifax, Nova Scotia, following the same model as the Boys Clubs. The girls’ club movement grew quickly, and by the 1920s, there were dozens of girls’ clubs across the country.

In the 1940s and 1950s, the Boys and Girls Clubs began to merge, recognizing that many of the challenges facing boys and girls were the same. The organization adopted the name Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada in 1972.

Over the years, the Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada has expanded to include more than 700 community-based clubs across the country, serving over 200,000 children and youth each year. The organization provides a wide range of programs and services, including sports and recreation, arts and culture, education and career development, and mental health and wellness.

The Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada has had a profound impact on the lives of millions of young people over the past century. The organization has helped children and youth to develop new skills, build positive relationships, and realize their full potential. Today, the Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada continues to be a vital resource for young people across the country, providing a safe and supportive space where they can learn, grow, and thrive. 

The Boys and Girls Clubs Canada is now known as BGC Canada. 

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