January 30, 2023


Covered Bridge Potato Chips

Covered Bridge Potato Chips

Covered Bridge Potato Chip Company is owned and operated by the Albright family.  Albright Farms is a family owned 4th generation company that started in the early 1920’s.

Covered Bridge Potato Chips 
Covered Bridge has come a long way since 1929 and embraces change and new technology.  It took two full years to complete the company project and the Albright family is excited to carry on old traditions with their potato chips. Covered Bridge Potato Chip Company is an old-fashioned kettle-cooked chip company.

The factory is located in Hartland along the St. John River Valley, the company is in the heart of potato-country. 

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One thought on “Covered Bridge Potato Chips

  1. Pam Thornton here in London, Ontario. Just tried your potato chips yesterday. “WOW, they were a hit here. Everyone loved them from first chip. And FYI I have family in Hartland, Paul and Beattie
    Thornton, and Dwight Thornton. Will be visiting this summer, and anxious to see your factory.

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