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Judge George F. Gregory House – Fredericton

Judge George F. Gregory House – Fredericton

This wood-framed structure, once known as “The Very Best” Bed & Breakfast”, is situated at the corner of George and Church Streets in Fredericton. The structure encompasses an amalgamation of the original Church Street structure, built before the mid-19th century, with the later George Street construction.

Judge George F. Gregory owned the Church Street dwelling, which was enlarged sometime after 1878 to include the structure on George Street. Judge Gregory, a former Mayor of Fredericton, resided for decades in the two-and-a-half storey conjoined structure, located on the south side of George Street. The property was sold in 1912 for use as the Bishop’s residence. 

George F. Gregory House

The heritage value of the structure at 806 George Street resides in the architectural harmony of the merged construction and in its use as the Bishopscote (bishop’s residence). This structure is an amalgamation of at least three different constructions. The original Church Street dwelling was constructed before the mid-19th century.

George F. Gregory, who owned the original house on Church Street, was a Judge of the New Brunswick Supreme Court. Gregory served as Mayor of Fredericton from 1869 until 1873 and again from 1878 to 1880. The George Street portion of this structure was constructed sometime after Gregory’s second term as mayor ended. The third construction, the addition of a one-storey corner block, came with new ownership. 

George F. Gregory House

The Christ Church Cathedral Chapter purchased the property in 1912 for use as the bishop’s residence. Bishop John Richardson resided here with his wife, Dora Richardson, and their family until his death in 1938. The Church renovated the Bishop’s residence in 1912, and the one-storey corner library was constructed at that time. 

George F. Gregory House

The University of New Brunswick purchased the property in 1960 and converted the structure into a residence, known as Murray House.

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