St. Andrew’s Anglican Church Doaktown

St. Andrews Anglican Church Doaktown

St. Andrew’s Anglican Church Doaktown

St. Andrew’s Anglican Church, is located on Main Street in the Village of Doaktown. This wooden building was completed in 1892.

Bishop John Medley, New Brunswick’s first Anglican Bishop, was keen to ecclesiastical architecture and was responsible for the construction of more than one hundred churches of this same architectural style within the province over a span of forty-seven years.

Construction of St. Andrew’s Anglican Church in Doaktown began in 1891 and was completed in 1892, the year of his death. 

Provincial Archives of NB
Photo: Provincial Archives of NB

St. Andrew’s Anglican Church is also associated with Robert Swim of Doaktown, who donated the land for its construction, and with Sir John Allen, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of New Brunswick, who laid the cornerstone during construction.

Local builders Dan Miner and J.E. Doak were directly involved in the construction of the church.

A special train was serviced from Fredericton, the Seat of the Church Diocese, to Doaktown on May 24, 1892 for St. Andrew’s Consecration Service. During the initial years services were held once a month as there was no resident minister. Student missionaries served this Parish form 1895-1913. Following this, a resident minister was established. 

St. Andrews Anglican Church Street Scene

Also of historic significance is the font cover located in the baptistery made by a local artist from a locally significant tree, ‘Squire Doak’s Elm Tree’. This font cover is one of several church furnishings made from the wood of the tree that was recognized in the book “Great Trees of New Brunswick”.


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