Thomas Harrison

Thomas Harrison

Thomas Harrison

Thomas Harrison, born on October 24, 1839, in Sheffield, made significant contributions to the University of New Brunswick (UNB) throughout his career. He initially joined UNB as a professor of English and Moral Philosophy in 1870. By 1885, he had assumed the position of President and also served as a Professor of Mathematics. Notably, he was the first native New Brunswicker to hold the role of President at UNB.

In 1891, the “University Act” resulted in a change of title from “President” to “Chancellor.” However, the Chancellor continued to fulfill the duties of the President, and this arrangement remained in effect until 1931.

During Harrison’s presidency, UNB opened its doors to women for the first time. Additionally, he introduced extension classes in Saint John, expanding the university’s reach, and established new professorships held by Loring W. Bailey, William Stockley, and Douglas Hyde.

On September 18, 1906, Thomas Harrison passed away, and he was laid to rest in the Forest Hill Cemetery in Fredericton, leaving behind a legacy of academic leadership and progress at UNB.

Thomas Harrison Gravestone

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