Gilman Building

Gilman Building

Situated at the north-west junction of York and King Streets in Fredericton, you’ll find the brick Gilman Building. Emblazoned high on the façade facing York Street is the Gilman name along with the year 1905.


Born in Kingsclear in 1831, George Gilman was a successful Fredericton merchant. His primary business venture was a retail grocery store on York Street, which offered an array of products including “flour, meal, pork, fish, tea, tobacco, molasses, and a diverse selection of quality groceries”. Gilman sourced his goods from local farmers and itinerant salesmen, occasionally supplementing his stock with direct purchases from New England. Alongside his grocery business, Gilman was a prominent figure in the lumber industry, participating in operations at Springhill, York County, which involved sorting, hauling, and rafting lumber to Saint John.

Gilman held several public roles in Fredericton, serving as an Alderman for multiple years. In 1890, he served on the Wharf, Alms House, Street Lamps, Administration of Justice, and Privileges committees. The following year, he took on the position of Chairman of the Road Committee. A supporter of the Temperance movement, Gilman was a notable community figure. He passed away in 1907.

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