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Anchorage – Sackville

Anchorage – Sackville

Built in 1892-1893, The Anchorage consists of a large ornate house. The property enhances the streetscape on York Street, adjacent to the campus of Mount Allison University in Sackville

Anchorage is designated a Local Historic Place for the style of the house, and for the prominent role that the three long time owners played in the development of Sackville’s social and financial power base. 

The Anchorage Sackville NB

Sackville lawyer and former builder Henry Powell built Anchorage in 1892-1893 at the peak of his career as a lawyer while in Sackville. It is a house with several well-preserved elements of the Queen Anne architecture.

Dr. James R. Calkin,  acquired Anchorage in 1906, while practicing medicine in Sackville for over forty-two years, as well as serving as house physician at Mount Allison University. The family was very active in the social affairs of the community. Calkin served as alderman for the town and as coroner for the Sackville district.

After Calkin’s death in 1933, the property passed to wealthy retired Mariner Captain Ronald V. Bennett. A regular visitor was his brother, Viscount Richard Bedford Bennett Canadian Prime Minister from 1930 to 1935. Capt. Bennett’s name for many years was synonymous with good works, as he played a major role in the founding of the Westmorland Children’s Aid Society and in the establishing of the Sackville Memorial Hospital. At the time of his death, Capt. Bennett left his sizeable estate to the University, including his Sackville house. Today, Anchorage (the Bennett House) is Mount Allison’s Centre for Canadian Studies. 



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