Blissville United Baptist Church

Blissville United Baptish Church

Blissville United Baptist Church

The parish of Blissville, named for Judge John Murray Bliss was set off from Burton and Lincoln in 1834. The parish of Blissville in Sunbury County included Gladstone until 1874. Central Blissville has a population of approximately 215.

The first settlers of Blissville were mostly Loyalists who obtained land grants shortly after the arrival of the first group in 1783; with them also came a few pre-Loyalists from the Saint John River whose holdings had either been sold to the newcomers or were escheat to furnish grants for them. 

Through natural increase and immigration the parish population had grown over the years until by 1861 it was almost as great as it would be for the next century.

A great change took pace with the building of the European and North American Railway line completed in 1869, from Saint John to City Camp (McAdam), which passes through Central Blissville. Completion of the Fredericton Branch was an added asset to Fredericton Junction and surrounding areas.

The earliest records contain the following statement September 7, 1833 ‘‘We the professed followers of Jesus Christ met the house of God in this place with Brother Pennington to govern ourselves with the assistance of God and to be known by the name of Free Christian Baptist Church in this place. God in his mercy was pleased to visit us with his Power and Spirit in a blessed manner. We resolved to take the Holy Bible for our rules of faith and practice and God for our Counsellor.”

The church was organized with forty-eight members Brother Walter Patterson was the first church clerk. Brother Daniel Smith (Daniel Smith Jr.) was the first deacon; Brother Abner Mersereau was the first Pastor to serve the brethren. 

Blissville United Baptist Church

For some time the church moved on in good works and Christian living. Down through the history of the church we find periods of revival and evangelical endeavour. The Holy Spirit moved with convincing power, people are saved, baptized and added to the fold of believers.

Rev. Pennington who was instrumental in organizing the church returned several times to encourage the Brethren and hold revival meetings. From 1855 to 1857 eighty-three people were baptized.

Saturday afternoon conferences were held in the church until the year 1923. These meetings are recorded in detail by the church clerk. The meetings were held for spiritual fellowship and the sharing of how to get along in the divine life. 

In 1905 the Free Christian Baptist Church became a United Baptist Church by uniting with the Eastern Baptists as the Association of United Baptist Churches of New Brunswick. 

Blissville United Baptish Church

The present church building is the second structure and was built approximately 1861 The original church building was located at South Branch on a lot originally owned by Tom Harris. This property is now the property of the Department of National Defence.

The first funeral to be held in the church was that of Daniel Smith in October 1861. The first wedding was the wedding of Viola Smith and Willard Kirkpatrick. They were united in marriage by Rev. Charles A. Bell in September of 1942. The Blissville United Baptist Church was for many years part of a field of churches.

Since June of 1982 the church has been operating as a single unit. The Church Hall was erected in 1948, when Rev. Atwood Rogerson was on the field. The Blissville United Baptist Parsonage located in the Blissville Subdivision was complete in 1983.

The 100th Anniversary of the Church was held in 1933 when Rev, George Shame was on the field, The 125th Anniversary was held in 1958 when the pastor was Rev. Edgar Patriquen. The 150th Anniversary of the church was held in 1983 when the pastor was John Campbell.

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