Saint Luke’s Church – Whites Cove

St. Luke's Anglican Church Whites Cove

Saint Luke’s Church – Whites Cove

Reverend Abraham Wood, originally from Yorkshire, England, was the first rector in the region, serving the Parish from 1823 to 1863. On December 8, 1836, a land grant was awarded to the Rector of St. John’s Anglican Church, which included the present location of Saint Luke’s Church Whites Cove and a piece of land in Chipman.

St Lukes Anglican Church Whites Cove

The deed for Saint Luke’s Church was officially recorded by Samuel Scovil on August 31, 1841. A detailed outline of the main tasks for the new church’s construction was issued on May 2, 1842. The contractors committed to completing the work on August 20, 1846, with the contract signed by the Right Reverend John Medley of Fredericton.

Archbishop Medley consecrated Saint Luke’s Church on July 7, 1853.

St Lukes Anglican Church cemetery Whites Cove

In 2010, the wooden steeple cross fell from the Church and was replaced with an aluminum metal cross crafted by Stephen Snodgrass. The new cross was partially donated in memory of Stewart Greenwood.

St Lukes Anglican Church Whites Cove

Saint Luke’s Church, with a seating capacity of approximately 125 people, is the largest church in the parish. It remains open for weddings, funerals, and regular services as needed.

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